'Two Worlds' is a part of Humanitarian Futures a project under a workshop facilitated by Quicksand exploring how to shed light on future, unexpected needs and responses the humanitarian sector might develop to the short-term impact of the crisis that will affect communities and vulnerable regions of India.
Together, we considered and visualized the possible future challenges of mitigating the humanitarian crisis and how aid communities might come together to face these odds.

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However unpredictable the future may seem, many are involved with foreseeing and planning around the greatest challenges ut holds. Be it water shortages, a frenzied climate, depleting resources or unstable governments the world we live in constantly facing a complex humanitarian crisis. 


We looked at wooden crates in two forms. First, the whole crate and the second, planks derived from deconstructing the crate.

A major challenge we faced was the quality of wood as the crates were locally sourced from 'Kabadi No.3'. The wood used for these crates was cheap mango wood and a lot of them were re-made from scrap.

From this, to that


To explore the planks, we assembled them along their edges and stacked them to build more responsive material to explore with.